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Migration And Re-engineering

Diverse businesses have a common challenge to integrate and standardize its applications for various reasons ranging from technology compatibility to reducing cost of maintenance. We understand the challenges that intrigues today’s CIO. Mostly all companies will face challenges integrating their existing systems with the Web world while still retaining the advantage of conventional and established business models.

To adapt to such new challenges, companies has to keep abreast with changing technology developments as well. This may require applications and databases to be migrated from one platform to a possibly more sophisticated technology or decide to do a complete rethinking and restructuring of its IT systems.

Migrating applications from one application server to another has become important for several reasons. Business reasons may include –

  1. Upgrade legacy application to most recent technology and make them web-enabled
  2. Make IT development cost efficient and move to open-source environment
  3. Upgrade move to a brand-name product for better performance, support, compatibility with new applications and feature completeness
  4. Technical reasons also force migrations like newer version of technology and a much needed feature may force an upgrade in related products of your deployment
  5. A possible forced move simply because your vendor is no longer in the application server business.

Our constant efforts are to bring about smooth transition to the new environment with minimum cost of change. We use our time tested on-site off-shore model to drive down overall cost while maintaining the same functionality and provide enhancements for future needs. All our services can be executed as a fixed price, scope, and timeframe project or a time-and-material outsourced project.

Case Studies

  • IPT cuts software development costs by 50% using Benvia’s offshore solutions
According to Mr. Lauducci, IPT has seen an average of 50% cost savings with Benvia over comparable U.S. based development resources. The ability to a ord two o -shore resources for every one U.S.-based resource allows IPT to scale more quickly within the same budget constraints. More important is perhaps what can’t be measured in ROI terms—the peace of mind knowing that Benvia can anticipate and resolve problems before they even begin.

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  • Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution for hospitality industry
Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution, all on a single and easy-to-use platform, for hospitality industry to manage Hotel Property Management, Bookings, Global Distribution and Marketing. This unique product is designed exclusively for independent hoteliers, small and large hotel chains and hotel management companies.

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