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Enterprise Portals And Content Management

At Benvia we understand the complexities and challenges of maintaining 24/7 access to relevant business information for stakeholders. The volume of electronic content and communications that is growing beyond imaginations is making all organizations increasingly concerned with compliance, transparency and risk mitigation. Enterprise content management is as challenging as it can get in this changing scenario. Organizations are opting for IT solutions to make business content traceable, secure and auditable.

Portals & Content Management Services

We offer wide range of portal solutions like Web Information Portals, e-Commerce Portals, and Enterprise Knowledge/Information Portals. We have significant experience in:

  • Large Scale Transaction Systems
  • Large Databases
  • High Availability Requirements

Our unique expertise in business analysis, architecture and delivery allow us to conceptualize, design and support you throughout the portal project lifecycle. Our framework helps you at every step right from planning till implementation. This includes -

  • Strategy planning
  • Architecture
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

Case Studies

  • IPT cuts software development costs by 50% using Benvia’s offshore solutions
According to Mr. Lauducci, IPT has seen an average of 50% cost savings with Benvia over comparable U.S. based development resources. The ability to a ord two o -shore resources for every one U.S.-based resource allows IPT to scale more quickly within the same budget constraints. More important is perhaps what can’t be measured in ROI terms—the peace of mind knowing that Benvia can anticipate and resolve problems before they even begin.

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  • Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution for hospitality industry
Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution, all on a single and easy-to-use platform, for hospitality industry to manage Hotel Property Management, Bookings, Global Distribution and Marketing. This unique product is designed exclusively for independent hoteliers, small and large hotel chains and hotel management companies.

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