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Application Development and Maintenance

Application development and maintenance outsourcing helps organizations adapt to the rapidly changing technology advancements and evolving business processes. New business areas demand newer applications and at the same time it is imperative to support existing legacy systems and bridge gaps between existing and newer applications.

We help organizations to achieve their business objective and help them efficiently utilize their IT expenditure in supporting existing legacy application suite and develop new applications and products.

Our strengths in this area include:
  1. Sound domain knowledge
  2. Scalable and state of the art Infrastructure
  3. Strong technical skills and experience
  4. Established Development Framework and Transition Plans
  5. Team Extension – Provide resources to suit you requirement on-site and off-site
  6. 24/7/365 service and support
  7. Ability to ramp up quickly as per clients' business requirement
  8. High quality assurance standards
  9. Powerful tools, proven methodology
  10. High employee retention rate

Application Development

Benvia delivers Custom Application Development solutions within the context of your business objectives and strategies. With such fast changing world of technology and business requirements it is important for companies to identify areas for automation and newer requirements for customized solutions. Customized applications help organizations to address the functional gaps and achieve their business goals effectively.

Our range of Application Development outsourcing services include:
  1. Application Development
  2. Offshore product development
  3. Customized application development
  4. New application development

Application Maintenance

In today's changing IT environment, it is about 75-80 % of IT budgets are spent on Application management / maintenance. Existing legacy systems are the operations and knowledge backbone of client organizations. Support and uptime of such mission critical applications are crucial to any business survival.

Market research estimates show that more than 70% of corporate data still resides on legacy systems. Hence the successful management of legacy systems to meet evolving business needs is the major challenge today.

Our Application Maintenance Services include –
  1. Off-shore viability and Maintainability Analysis
  2. Application Management - Maintenance & Support
  3. Helpdesk – Single point of contact for all IT Support.

Advantages of Benvia's Application Development and Maintenance Services

Benvia is a leading offshore IT vendor with proven capabilities in Application Development and Maintenance Services. With our on-shore and off-shore delivery model, we have delivered significant cost benefits to our global customers and helped them save substantially on their Software development and Application Support expenditure.

Our on-shore and off-shore model can help you achieve –
  1. Reduction of IT expenditure up to 40 - 60%
  2. Re-allocate and use existing staff to critical projects
  3. Eliminate the risk of critical staff
  4. Guaranteed service levels
  5. Lower maintenance costs
  6. Enhance stability, flexibility and security of systems
  7. Benefit from 24/7 support
  8. Increase user satisfaction

Case Studies

  • IPT cuts software development costs by 50% using Benvia’s offshore solutions
According to Mr. Lauducci, IPT has seen an average of 50% cost savings with Benvia over comparable U.S. based development resources. The ability to a ord two o -shore resources for every one U.S.-based resource allows IPT to scale more quickly within the same budget constraints. More important is perhaps what can’t be measured in ROI terms—the peace of mind knowing that Benvia can anticipate and resolve problems before they even begin.

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  • Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution for hospitality industry
Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution, all on a single and easy-to-use platform, for hospitality industry to manage Hotel Property Management, Bookings, Global Distribution and Marketing. This unique product is designed exclusively for independent hoteliers, small and large hotel chains and hotel management companies.

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