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Transaction Processing

Processing high volume of transactions can get quite challenging and daunting in a very competitive business environment. Growing and established companies may find these tasks getting increasingly expensive and potentially distract them from their core business. At Benvia, we specialize in processing of a wide variety of repetitive transactions including data entry services and will develop a service plan that meets your specific needs. We custom develop checks and balances to ensure that accuracy in data entry is maintained

Our work force is made up of experienced professional data entry operators who have been with us for years. Our nimble business model allows us to ramp up very quickly. Our pool of well trained resources is equipped to handle any type of work from simple to complex transaction processing requirements.

In this business there are many companies capable of providing transaction processing quickly and at reasonable prices. What differentiates us is our focus on providing a complete solution, quality of work, our flexibility, and responsiveness. We view ourselves as an extension of our client’s team.

Some of the areas where we are helping our clients to achieve efficiency and cut costs are -

  1. E-Commerce data entry and data processing
  2. CRM Data Validation
  3. Documentation

Benvia BPO

Our key features include:

Customized Proposal:

  • We conduct a detailed survey to understand the current set-up and propose a solution that best meets your maintenance needs

Proven Transition methodology:

  • We have a well-defined and documented process for knowledge transfer. We will demonstrate our understanding of the application before taking it offshore

Guaranteed ROI:

  • We will offer multiple options to establish ROI timeframes; you can choose the one that best meets your needs

Value Proposition:

  • Our experience indicates that existing business processes are at a great risk due to incomplete documentation. During knowledge transfer we identify these gaps and bridge them. A well documented process will eventually lower the maintenance costs and associated risk.


  • Every step of the process is reviewed and checks and balances are put in place to avoid inadvertent mistakes

SLA based Model:

  • We will establish a service level agreement and make every effort to surpass it.

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