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Creative Services

Today, worldwide web is virtually indispensable for any business house. A representation of your company on the web will play a crucial role in distinguishing your products and services from that of your competitors’.

Our graphic designers can help your company gain that extra edge by developing professional websites and also integrate audio-video to create an effective online presence for you company.

Audio Visual Communication Services

Outsourcing of visual communication is perhaps a new trend whereby companies are looking at their partners to provide an end to end solution in coming up with web based presentations in a repetitive fashion. These presentations include editing and enhancing raw video footage, combine audiovisual footage with Power-point presentations, graphical or animations for scientific or medical illustrations. Benvia specializes in creating custom video and audio editing based on the ever-changing client needs.

Website Design

Benvia’s Web design services are affordable and professional. We cater to all your design work. Our designer will transform your company information into exciting and professional website design. Our web design packages include search engine friendly design, custom web design, w3c validation, all setup fees, and more!

Benvia BPO

Our key features include:

Customized Proposal:

  • We conduct a detailed survey to understand the current set-up and propose a solution that best meets your maintenance needs

Proven Transition methodology:

  • We have a well-defined and documented process for knowledge transfer. We will demonstrate our understanding of the application before taking it offshore

Guaranteed ROI:

  • We will offer multiple options to establish ROI timeframes; you can choose the one that best meets your needs

Value Proposition:

  • Our experience indicates that existing business processes are at a great risk due to incomplete documentation. During knowledge transfer we identify these gaps and bridge them. A well documented process will eventually lower the maintenance costs and associated risk.


  • Every step of the process is reviewed and checks and balances are put in place to avoid inadvertent mistakes

SLA based Model:

  • We will establish a service level agreement and make every effort to surpass it.

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