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Business Process Outsourcing

In this day and age outsourcing is no longer limited to IT only. The opportunity to outsource other functions that are repetitive in nature has never been more compelling. It is important that companies recognize this and bring similar gains to all aspects of business.

In order to be successful, executives need to be able to deal with numerous challenges in this dynamic environment, balance cost cutting with mitigating risks while driving higher returns on their investments.

At Benvia our key focus is on operational excellence, dedicated compliance and knowledge transfer methodologies. Our enormous emphasis on continuous process improvement, quality control and passion for excellence has helped us win the trust of our clients. Comprehensive monitoring, client feedback and process re-engineering help us track and measure our performance consistently.

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Transition Framework

Our Process Transition Framework

Our collaborative transition framework involves equal participation from both sides based on clearly articulated levels.

Our Approach

  • Proven, flexible delivery framework to ensure seamless migration and minimal disruption
  • Use of quality guidelines and approach
  • Identification of productivity improvement areas and reengineering opportunities
  • Milestone-driven, backed by client reviews and sign-offs throughout
  • Walk before you run" philosophy


  1. Transition planning and understanding existing processes and technology requirements
  2. Select core-team and document process and reporting protocol
  3. Set up offshore team and test operational readiness
  4. Run parallel operations for a defined period with partial workload
  5. Validate quality and agreed service levels
  6. Final roll-out